Information Works

Veritas provides insight into data in order to separate the useful gold from the garbage. Using their three brand pillars: Bold, Open and Direct, we built out the Information works brand campaign to clarify that having data is not information. Our visually identity is focused on the distinct Veritas logo (reminiscent of the famed NASA worm logo), cropped in abstract portions.

Inspired by the nasa logo, we leveraged their most distinctive piece of visual identity for the Art Direction. Cropping the logo in differnt locations allowed us to focus on specific parts of the logo and curvatures.

Our short headlines were meant to summarize the idea in a simple but quick manner. Because the headline created an A vs. B format, we used Polaris Bold vs Book to reflect the contrast in headline/idea.

Use imagery that relays high contrast in content, aligning with the headline style.

The first piece of creative that rolled out into the world came in the Economist.

Our major role out for the campaign consisted of taking over the DC Metro’s L’Enfant Plaza with a wide variety of creative.

Although the website was never produced, It was a major selling point in proving that the campaign can live in a digital environment.