Cypress Semiconductor provides the innovative thinkers and doers with the right foundation to ensure that their designs are given the attention, care and urgency they deserve. Inspire internal and external audiences all over the world to see Cypress as the strategic provider of embedded systems solutions that allows our customers to innovate and deliver on the possible. Our campaign "Problems" pays homage to the those who embrace problems and look forward to solving them, no matter how tall the task.

In order to set the stage of our re-branding of Cypress, let's start with the logo. A few of the major problems stem from its lack of scalability and the massive tree, serving as a distraction. The typface and peelable are aggresively out-of-place in today's logo landscape. 

As we progressed through our logo development/exploration, we naturally went to something that was simpler than the previous. In the end the final result was a modified version of the Cypress tree.

Keeping their red, white and blue color palette, we added a few web friendly colors as accents to help create a modern look. The additions were a teal, rich black and dark blue.

We wanted to create a brand, driven by type in order to solve for low budget productions. The Brandon Grotesque is great for advertising display lockups and the DIN is nice compliment for longer copy. 

Look and Feel

Due to budget constraints our solution of textured backgrounds helps avoid the use of low end stock photographty. It also allows for scalability in different canvas sizes and is an easy transition to web. 

When asked to rebrand the Cypress webpage, the task was to apply as much of the campaign visual look and feel onto the web interface as possible. The lift was fairly cosmetic, only editing four pages in total. Without the ability to start from scratch and re-structure their navigation system, the UX was fairly limited.

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